About Damian

Introducing Damian McGillicuddy Lord of Kerry (aka The BIG Dog)

Those who know McGillicuddy personally will know that he has a secret passion in his life that has always run in parallel to his love of photography, the noble art of the Marquis of Queensbury. (for those who don't know that’s boxing!)

Now a phrase often banded around in boxing circles is “pound for pound", being the term used to describe the very best within the noble art, irrespective of weight class. It wouldn't be a misuse of this term if used to describe McGillicuddy, and his impact on his chosen profession, namely photography.

Since leaving art school in 1986 Damian has dedicated his entire professional life to photography, with no "years out" or "career changes", and this is a career which has seen him amass the following awards & distinctions:

  • 11 UK Awards of Excellence
  • 59 Fuji Professional Awards
  • 112 British Professional Photographer Awards
  • 500+ Regional, National & International Awards

Damian also became the 68th Master Photographer Fellow in the World, and is the ONLY Photographer to have 5 UK Master of Photography of the Year Awards, and has also won individual Photographer of the Year in the following categories:

  • Glamour
  • Child
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Contemporary Portraiture
  • Traditional Portraiture
  • Environmental Portraiture

In 2010 Damian became the first photographer ever to be presented with a Double Masters Award for services to photography in the categories of Wedding and Portrait & Fashion and Glamour.

Add to the above 6 International Fellowships, including an Honorary Fellowship awarded in the 2000 Millennium Celebrations for Services to Photography, and you should by now get the picture, (no pun intended), as to where Damian is as a professional photographer.

Sometimes referred to as "The BIG Dog", (it's a long story but one he will happily share with whoever wants to hear), he has also been called many other things throughout his career, and some of those are even printable! More often than not in the photographic press he’s referred to as the “Magician” or the “Lighting Wizard”, terms of endearment that best describes his ability to create beautifully lit fashion, beauty and portrait imagery simply anywhere... ...under any circumstance!

A worldwide advocate of “Strobism”, (Minimal Kit - Maximum Effect), Damian is well known for teaming any & all portable lighting with his own, personally designed Damian McGillicuddy Lighting Modifiers. These are a range of collapsible, highly portable light modifiers & light shaping tools designed by the man himself!

McGillicuddy and his close knit team are based at their fully-functional studio in Warrington, Cheshire, where they offer the entire range of photographic services. (for Studio Services call +44 1925 656 510) However, you are just as likely to find them out on location somewhere in the world, or taking time assisting other photographers by sharing his knowledge through one of his many photographer-focussed training programs.

McGillicuddy is one of the Societies team of judges and the driving force behind the Societies accelerated learning programme Mentor Me on Steroids.